Certifications for the future, not the past

At Smarter Than Einstein, We Make It Easy For Everyone To Benefit From AI

Just like Uber cratered the taxi driver industry, AI is going to take some jobs, while creating millions of new jobs we never could have imagined that will benefit the entire world in ways we could only dream of.

Which side you are on determines on what you do next. Those who embrace the change, like those who embraced the internet, will unlock new capabilities and career paths they never could have imaged. Those who put their head in the sand may wake up one day and wonder how the world has passed them by. The train is moving, the question is, do you want to get on?

We believe AI is a force for good in this world

We are about to encounter a more prosperous era than ever before in human history

Despite what the media wants you to believe, we believe AI will be an overwhelming force for good in this world.

It will enable anyone to become an artist, entrepreneur or CEO. No one will be limited by their resources, experience or

The only limit is your vision, as long as you know how to use the tools.

As AI ushers in a new era in medical advancements.

better quality of work 

Less Time Spent Working​

What kind of improvements do businesses and individuals see using AI?​

AI allows us to create better quality work in less time than ever before

90% Reduction In Payroll In Some Departments ​

Increase In Profit ​

5+ Years

In Business






Certification Badges​

Who we’ve helped

We've helped over 10,000 customers and clients to learn new digital skills, start and scale businesses and come out on top. Whether it's the 9-5er wanting to quit their job, the six figure business scaling to 7 or the full time entrepreneur who wants to do more with less, we've seen it all. Across education, software, coaching and consulting we relentlessly pursue the edge of innovation in our own businesses and share what we learned through practical real-world experience with all our clients and customers so they can shortcut the learning curve and speed up results.

Why you should listen to us?

Most, but not all AI teachers right now are academics or theorists. Sure, they can teach you what you might find in a textbook, but for those of us actually looking to get results what good is it? Next we have the "prompt sellers" who just use ChatGPT to create 1,001 prompts that you'll scan through once and never use again. But we're different. We went through a year of trial and error, built our own software and found out what actually worked in our own 7-figure business. Then, we turned these in to turnkey playbooks and software that you can use on day 1 to get results instead of staying stuck in trial and error or complete overwhelm. It's not JUST the education, it's the certifications, software and support to remove obstacles so success and get you their faster.

Meet Your Trainers

Real Experience Real Results

We're not teaching theory, we're 7-figure business owners, marketers and software developers who have "been there, done that"

Christian Martin

After starting out cold calling coaches, he grew Digitalnomad.com to a multimillion-dollar education business before waking up one morning and realizing AI was about to change everything. On Dec 1st, 2022 he started one of the world’s first courses on how to use ChatGPT to grow your business and has been helping entrepreneurs win with AI ever since.

Jamil Velji

A legend in the industry, Jamil owns multiple agencies, has coached thousands of students and even buys businesses in his spare time. Whether you want to know how to scale a client from 1k/month to 18k/month, or how to do your first merger, Jamil’s got your back.

Mohamed Ibrahim

Bringing technical chops to the team, Mohamed makes sure we focus on more than sales and marketing. As a software developer and AI enthusiast, he loves building chatbots, plugging in to APIs and seeing the future

The Smarter Than Einstein Story

November 30th, 2022 ChatGPT was released. We had created our first "AI Agency" program in July 2021, but this was the moment that we knew everything was about to change. All of a sudden, elite talent wasn't reserved for the ultra wealthy and VC funded. Now every business, individual and even child had access to 1-1 intelligence in any subject you can imagine at the click of a button.

Luckily, we were well equipped. We had already trained thousands in how to start and scale businesses. Now it's like we're giving our clients the cheat codes instead of making them do the grunt work themselves. We went to work spending hundreds of thousands building our methods in to software and created our new programs - everything that worked in the old programs but now AI does the heavy lifting instead of you. A new era of work has arrived. #makeworkfunagain

The ten commandments of the AI marketers association (AMA) 

Today is the worst AI will ever be. Plan accordingly. If you build on top of AI tools, you’ll only get better

Ai is an amplifier of what you can already do. It will only make a losing strategy fail even faster. Get strategy right

Start with the job, then find the right tool. Don’t start with the tool first

Train your AI like you train your people. An untrained AI is as useless as an untrained employee

95% good and 100% automated is often better than 100% good and 0% automated (but not always)

Ai is a junior level employee, always use a human to take the last pass

Perfect the process, then automate. Not the other way around

In a world where everyone has access to AI, you must create an advantage other than skill

In the war between fairness and progress, progress will always win.

No one is coming to save you from the AI takeover, it’s up to you to use the tools instead of being replaced

When You Master A.I. You Earn More

Step 1: Get the Training and Software

You don't have to worry about buying a million tools after you signup. We provide you with our proprietary AI software to complete your assignments

Step 2: Get Certified, Build Your A.I. Portfolio

Work your way through the material at your own pace and complete your quizzes and assignments to prove mastery

Step 3: Get a Raise, A New Job or Paying Clients

take your new skills and certification to the public. Leverage your expertise to get a raise, new job or paying clients

Get Certified, Get Ahead

Become Superhuman, Smarter Than Einstein, with 12 AI Certifications Designed To Give You The Skills You Need In The A.I. Economy So You Become "Unfireable"