AI for “Passive Income”

By Christian Martin


March 23, 2024


6 min read

I woke up at 6:45am this morning and glanced at my phone. I had an additional $2,391 in my bank account since midnight last night.


How is this possible? No, I didn’t stay up all night selling, and I don’t run a nightclub.

I was sound asleep.

I used a concept that most people think they understand but few people really do. (Otherwise you would also have gotten paid 2k-10k or more since midnight last night)

I am talking about a concept called “inbox money.”

If you take the time to truly grasp this concept, there’s really  no limit to what you can accomplish. 


Imagine you had an advanced robot from the future that would build new houses for you.

Not only that, but you had unlimited free land, and materials were also free.

Once you built a house you could rent it out and collect rent checks every single month.

If you wanted a raise, you simply had to build more houses and find more tenants.

And since the robot is doing all the building and the land and materials are free, there’s really no limits on how many rent checks you can collect. 

Simply tell the robot where and what you want to build and it gets to work creating more “inbox money” for you.

And sure, you might spend some time researching what kinds of houses your renters like most, so you can give the robot better directions.

Or you might spend a few minutes deciding which piece of land you want to build on.

After that, the robot does the work and you get paid.

That’s inbox money.

Inbox money is money that just shows up in your mailbox every month without you actively trading time for money.

In my opinion, inbox money is the best kind of money.

It doesn’t mean it’s entirely “passive income.” Just that you aren’t trading time for money. 

Usually you are doing the work upfront, like building the house, and then collecting the rent checks later. Every once in a while you will have to do a little maintenance, or your robot will, or replace a tenant.

But other than that, you can go to the beach for a month and that check is still going to come in.

Sounds pretty nice, right? Well unfortunately robots can’t build houses entirely on their own (yet), and I don’t know about you, but I don’t have an infinite supply of free land and building supplies.

Lucky for us, we live in a digital world.

And if you want unlimited “inbox money” all you have to do is create digital assets instead of physical assets. 

Instead of building houses, you can let AI build five kinds of digital assets for you.

1. AI Directories 

2. AI Tv Channels

3. AI Agencies 

4. AI Courses 

5. AI Software

6. AI Newsletters

I will explain what these are, and we will cover each of these in detail in the following chapters. 

Just like the robot building houses, these things can actually be built without you having to do it all. You can use AI to create the marketing, the product, the delivery and anything else you can think of.

Passive income is more possible than it’s ever been in the history of the world.

And if you’re reading this in the future, it’s only going to get easier.

Ai tools will get smarter, cheaper and faster. Building a business will become more and more accessible no matter where you live, what your background is or even how much time you have to devote to your new inbox money.

I believe that every person will become an entrepreneur, and there will exist a product for every use case you can think of.

The cost to produce online products is going down and down, so you only need a very small market to be profitable.

You no longer need to pay for a team, and compute power, researchers and writers, marketing agencies and customer support teams.

Because products can be produced at a fraction of the cost that they used to, and you can reach literally the entire world with your digital asset, you can now make money faster, easier and more sustainably than ever before.

We could create a new software product or online courses before the day is over and start selling it.

I could wake up to notifications on my phone tomorrow morning with an entirely new income stream. 

Just like I woke up this morning to inbox money.

These payments will continue to come in throughout the day.

All from my digital assets, that you can build too.

Ready to discover how to build your first Ai Digital Asset?

Get Certified, Get Ahead

Become Superhuman, Smarter Than Einstein, with 12 AI Certifications Designed To Give You The Skills You Need In The A.I. Economy So You Become "Unfireable"

Get Certified, Get Ahead

Become Superhuman, Smarter Than Einstein, with 12 AI Certifications Designed To Give You The Skills You Need In The A.I. Economy So You Become "Unfireable"


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