How AI Levels the Business Playing Field

Ai is the great equalizer. What I mean is, it makes a bigger difference for people with lower skill levels than it does for the most skilled people.  So sure, the most skilled of us can get more done in less time. But we’ve also lost some of our advantage over everyone else. This seems […]

How to Talk to A.I.

  “Make me a TikTok” In my programs we provide coaching bots, Ai chatbots trained on every single lesson, Q@A call, worksheet and comment made. The bot named “Layla” knows everything with instant recall and can provide help with learning, tactics, strategy, mindset and even content creation.     Yet here I am reading through yesterday’s […]

AI for “Passive Income”

I woke up at 6:45am this morning and glanced at my phone. I had an additional $2,391 in my bank account since midnight last night.   How is this possible? No, I didn’t stay up all night selling, and I don’t run a nightclub. I was sound asleep. I used a concept that most people […]