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Certifications for the Future, Not the Past, 12 Ai Certifications Available

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These in-demand skills will be taught in outdated universities in 5 years.

A.I. Prompt Engineering

Become a certified A.I. Prompt Engineering

A.I. Chatbots

Become a certified A.I. Chatbots

A.I. Design

Become a certified A.I. Design

Virtual Influencer Creation

Become a certified Virtual Influencer Creation

Zapier and Make Automations

Zapier and Make Automations

Programmatic A.I. SEO 

Become a certified Programmatic A.I. SEO 

Facebook Ads

Become a certified Facebook Ads

Social Shorts Creation

Become a certified Social Shorts Creation

A.I. Podcast Production

Become a certified A.I. Podcast Production

Content Repurposing

Become a certified Content Repurposing

A.I. Business Models

Become a certified A.I. Business Models

A.I. Business Management

Become a certified A.I. Business Management

A.I. Filmmaking

Become a certified A.I. Filmmaking

A.I. Appointment Setting

Become a certified A.I. Appointment Setting

A.I. Voice Agents

Become a certified A.I. Voice Agents

Become a certified A.I. Automation Specialist (CASS)

Our Proprietary Software Included

You don't have to worry about buying a million tools after you signup. We provide you with our proprietary AI software to complete your assignments

1-1 A.I. Coach

Show up for weekly live Q&As with our coaches or get help anytime 24/7/365 from your 1-1 Ai coach fully trained on all of our materials and course work so you never get stuck

Workbooks and CheatSheet Study Guides

We make it easy to study and learn the material so not only can you become an AI pro, but you'll pass the exams on your first try

What’s included:

A.i. Content Creation Software Subscription

A.i. Chatbot Software Subscription

Coach Clone Bot Training

12 A.i. Certifications

100+ Video Lessons

The A.I. Prompt Engineering Cheat Sheet

The A.I. Org Chart Worksheet

Zapier and Make.Com AI Automations

Fast Funnels. A.i. process

A.i. Mastery Study Calendar

Masters exam for CAAS Certification

1 FINAL exam for each certification

Certification Workbooks

Final Exam Study Guides

PLUS, upon successful completion of each course and final exam you will also receive

A badge desigated you as a Certified Ai Automation Specialist that can be hosted on your CAAS website, email signature and LinkedIn profile

A digital, printable Certificate suitable for framing 

Status and recognition as a Certified Ai Automation Specialist

Get listed in our Ai Directly as a Certified Specialist

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Christian Martin

After starting out cold calling coaches, he grew to a multimillion-dollar education business before waking up one morning and realizing AI was about to change everything. On Dec 1st, 2022 he started one of the world’s first courses on how to use ChatGPT to grow your business and has been helping entrepreneurs win with AI ever since.

Jamil Velji

A legend in the industry, Jamil owns multiple agencies, has coached thousands of students and even buys businesses in his spare time. Whether you want to know how to scale a client from 1k/month to 18k/month, or how to do your first merger, Jamil’s got your back.

Mohamed Ibrahim

Bringing technical chops to the team, Mohamed makes sure we focus on more than sales and marketing. As a software developer and AI enthusiast, he loves building chatbots, plugging in to APIs and seeing the future

What you'll be able to do as an "Ai-enabled" human

Become a “Prompt Engineer”

As a "Prompt Engineer," your role involves crafting prompts or instructions that effectively guide AI systems to generate desired outputs.

Work closely with stakeholders to understand their goals, preferences, and requirements for AI-generated content. Clarify expectations and gather relevant information to inform prompt creation.

Create Your Own AI Advisers

Offers strategic insights and recommendations to businesses, utilizing advanced analytics to inform decision-making and drive growth.

Ethic Guard specializes in promoting ethical AI practices and ensuring responsible deployment of AI technologies, helping businesses navigate ethical risks and biases.

Automate Routine Tasks

Automating routine tasks is a great way to boost efficiency and productivity. Tasks like email management, data entry, and file organization can be automated using various tools and software.

You can also automate appointment scheduling, social media posting, and invoicing to save time and reduce administrative burden.

Create AI Short Films and Commercials

Imagine a world where artificial intelligence (AI) permeates every aspect of society, shaping our daily lives in profound and unexpected ways. In this landscape, AI short films and commercials offer glimpses into both the possibilities and challenges presented by this technological frontier.

Learn to Use Ai to Create Social Content

Learning to use AI to create social content can be a valuable skill for businesses and individuals looking to streamline their content creation process engage audience effectively. You can generate compelling visuals, craft engaging captions, and optimize your social media strategy for maximum impact.

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Rank on Google with AI SEO

Ranking on Google with AI SEO involves leveraging artificial intelligence tools and techniques to optimize your website's content and improve its visibility in search engine results.

AI-powered keyword research tools can analyze search trends, competition, and user intent to identify relevant keywords for your content.

Setup and Train AI Chatbots

Setting up and training AI chatbots involves several steps to ensure they can effectively interact with users and provide helpful responses.

Select a chatbot platform that aligns with your objectives and technical requirements. Use the included software so you have no extra costs.

Design Logos, Images, Graphics and More

Designing logos, images, graphics, and more involves creativity, attention to detail, and the right tools. Begin by understanding the client's or project's requirements. What message or feeling should the design convey? What are the brand's values and target audience?

Build Virtual Influencer Brands

Building virtual influencer brands involves creating digital personas with unique identities and engaging content to connect with audiences.

Decide on the personality, values, and interests of the virtual influencer. Consider the target audience and how the persona will resonate with them.

Clone Yourself

Cloning oneself, at least as depicted in science fiction, involves replicating one's genetic material to create an identical or nearly identical copy. However, in reality, human cloning is not currently possible due to ethical, legal, and technical challenges. Instead, if you're looking to extend your presence or influence in various areas simultaneously, you can explore different avenues

Create Winning Ads

Creating winning ads involves understanding your target audience, crafting compelling messaging, and utilizing engaging visuals. Here's a general approach to creating ads that resonate with your audience and drive results. Understand the demographics, preferences, and pain points of your target audience. Conduct market research, gather insights from customer feedback.

Dominate Social Shorts

To dominate social shorts, which are short-form videos commonly found on platforms like TikTok, Instagram Reels, and Snapchat, you'll need to captivate audiences quickly and leave a lasting impression.

Grab viewers' attention within the first few seconds with something visually striking, emotionally engaging, or curiosity-inducing.

Create, Edit and Publish Content

Setting up and training AI chatbots involves several steps to ensure they can effectively interact with users and provide helpful responses.

Select a chatbot platform that aligns with your objectives and technical requirements. Popular options include Dialogflow, IBM Watson Assistant, Microsoft Bot Framework, and Amazon Lex.

Publish a Newsletter

Publishing a newsletter is a great way to engage with your audience, share valuable content, and build relationships.

Determine who your target audience is and what you want to achieve with your newsletter. Are you targeting existing customers, potential leads, or a specific niche market?

Repurpose Content For More Reach

Repurposing content is a smart strategy to extend the reach of your existing material and maximize its value across different channels.

Review your existing content library and identify pieces that have performed well and remain relevant over time.

Uncover The Best AI Business Models

AI business models vary depending on the industry, target market, and the specific AI technology being utilized. Companies offer AI-powered software or services on a subscription basis, providing customers with access to advanced features, updates, and support for a recurring fee.

Save Time, Make Money

Saving time and making money are essential goals for individuals and businesses alike. Identify tasks that are repetitive or time-consuming and automate them using tools and software. This can include email automation, task scheduling, and workflow automation platforms. By automating routine tasks, you can free up time to focus on more productive activities that generate revenue.

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We Make It Easy For Everyone To Master Ai With Smarter Than Einstein Certifications, Software, Templates And Playbooks