How AI Levels the Business Playing Field

By Christian Martin


March 23, 2024


6 min read

Ai is the great equalizer. What I mean is, it makes a bigger difference for people with lower skill levels than it does for the most skilled people. 

So sure, the most skilled of us can get more done in less time. But we’ve also lost some of our advantage over everyone else.

This seems obvious on the surface but a recent study by Harvard made it all too clear.

They recently did a study in coordination with Boston Consulting Group (BCG) to determine the impact of AI on knowledge work.

Keep in mind, it’s hard to get a management consulting job. So hard one of my friends has a multimillion dollar business solely built around helping people land interviews at these firms. 

What I mean is, these people aren’t stupid. Anyway, Harvard set these consultants up into two groups and had them complete 18 different tasks. 


Tasks  like “Draft a press release marketing copy for your product.”

One group did it on their own, the other used ChatGPT.

The results were insane.

Group two, the AI group, outperformed group one on every single metric.

Not only did they get 12% more done in 25% less time…

But, the quality of their output was FORTY TWO percent better. They did more work in less time and it was 42% better.

That’s crazy. If you run a company right now and you’re NOT paying for every single team member to have access to AI you are leaving time and money on the table, but worst of all, you’re leaving quality on the table.

AI makes it so that everyone can be world class. It removes a lot of the advantage that the most practiced and skilled of us had and even the playing field. 

If you’re working with a mediocre freelancer, they are now A-grade freelancers.

Let me give you a real world example.

I recently hired a design team to redesign our sales page to improve conversions. Now, an amazing designer will start with user experience and work backwards. What does the end user need to see to believe this will work for them? What objections do they have?

How can we make the intangible tangible so this feels real in their mind even though they are just looking at pictures on the internet. 

Now, a bad designer will simply put stock photos on the page, which is what the design team did. They were not starting from first principles and thinking to themselves” what will make this convert better”

No, they were simply trying to put relevant stock images on the page.

Which will… you guessed it. NOT increase conversions which was the whole point. 

This project could make or break the business. It could double profits with no other work from me. Needless to say, it’s important.

Then they started asking me to tell them what to design for the product images since I didn’t like the stock images. I thought that’s what I was paying them for. If I was a great designer and knew what images were supposed to go on the page, I wouldn’t need to hire them.

In frustration I did what I always do these days… turned to ChatGPT.

And realized all of my problems were solved.

Not only did I use ChatGPT, I turned on the “link reader” extension so the AI could go visit my current sales page.

Then I gave it this prompt:

“act as a designer specializing in CRO


I want to create a visual representation of a product feature “Faceless Channel Fortunes” to convey value and increase conversions


The sales page is


Please come up with an image idea to put next to the text to convey maximum value and make the intangible tangible”

The result I got back in seconds was exactly what I was looking for from the designer.

After analyzing the content of the provided sales page, I’ve gathered that the product “Faceless Channel Fortunes” is positioned as a valuable asset for entrepreneurs looking to grow their online presence without necessarily showing their face on camera.


To convey maximum value and make the intangible tangible, here’s an image idea for “Faceless Channel Fortunes”:


Image Concept: “The Power Behind The Screen”


Background: A sleek, modern computer monitor or a smartphone screen. The screen displays a play button, indicating a video.


Foreground: Behind the screen, emanating from it, are rays of light or energy beams. These beams are filled with symbols that represent success, growth, and online presence. For instance:


A rising graph line (indicating growth)

Dollar signs or coins (indicating revenue)

Thumbs up and heart symbols (indicating likes and love from the audience)

A magnet pulling in these symbols (indicating attraction and magnetism of the content)

Shadow Play: On the wall behind the screen, cast a shadow of a faceless figure holding a remote or a control device, emphasizing the idea that one can control and benefit from the channel without showing their face.


Color Palette: Use a mix of cool and warm colors. Cool colors like blues and purples can represent the digital, online world, while warm colors like golds and oranges can symbolize success and prosperity.


Caption (optional): Below or beside the image, you can have a caption that says, “Success without the spotlight.”


This visual representation emphasizes the idea that with “Faceless Channel Fortunes,” one can achieve success and growth in the online world without necessarily being in the limelight. The symbols within the energy beams make the benefits tangible, and the faceless shadow reinforces the product’s core value proposition.


Remember, the key to a successful image for CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) is to ensure it’s not just visually appealing but also resonates with the target audience’s desires and pain points. This concept aims to do just that.

I didn’t need to define what someone who is an expert in conversion rate optimization should be trained in or think about when it comes to creating product images.

I simply told ChatGPT and it already knows.

It gave me a visual description of the image I was able to hand over to the designer.

Now, the designer just went from a D grade to a B grade without any skill upgrade.

Sure, they weren’t great at conceptualizing new images that convert, but they are decent at creating those images if someone tells them what to create.

They are junior level designers, and I needed a senior level designer who could think strategically.

I just replaced the high priced 6-figure role, senior designer, and kept the cheaper role, the junior designer.

And got the same results.

I went from mediocre results to amazing results for $20/month. 

That’s the level of power of AI. 

Get Certified, Get Ahead

Become Superhuman, Smarter Than Einstein, with 12 AI Certifications Designed To Give You The Skills You Need In The A.I. Economy So You Become "Unfireable"

Get Certified, Get Ahead

Become Superhuman, Smarter Than Einstein, with 12 AI Certifications Designed To Give You The Skills You Need In The A.I. Economy So You Become "Unfireable"


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